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Lady Lex Productions - Website Design | Sexy responsive websites that work for your brand and visitors.


: Sexy AF Responsive Websites :
Working for your brand and visitors


Need A Website That Aligns With Your Brand While Driving Sales?

Connect to a wider audience using the power of a responsive website that is built-in SEO friendly, beautiful and easily managed by you.


Be An Industry Leader Through Website Design

Using fresh, modern website design, empower your ideas to stand out online. Use your website to develop trust in your business while capturing leads and generating sales.

Use your website as the face of your company and online brand connection for an outstanding customer experience.

Transform your website into a supercharged digital business machine that works even as you sleep.

Not Your Average Website Designer - Going Beyond Websites To Build And Design For Your Business


Your Business Deserves A Responsive SEO-Capable Website Built To Convert Visitors Into Customers

All the skills of branding, business, content marketing, copywriting, design and digital come together to create, design and build your website as the face of your company and online brand connection, for an outstanding customer experience. This includes a comprehensive set of marketing services so you’re found across search engines to promote your business to your niche audience and convert leads into sales.

Designing Websites

• that stand out
• tell your story
• are visually attractive & engaging
• you can easily edit & manage
• unique and customised to you

How Difficult Is It?

I’ll ask the questions and do the research for a complete done-for-you full service.
All you’ll need to do is hit the approve button. It’s that easy.


Let’s Chat

• Setup, support, refreshers, management & handover
• Functional and beautiful to use
• Easy to navigate in both front and back ends
• Responsive for all devices
• Integrate with social media
• Putting data to work
• Converting leads into sales
• Built in security
• GDPR ready
• Domain and mail server setup



• Landing Pages
• Basic Sites
• Site Builds & Rebuilds
• Customised Builds
• eCommerce efficient
• Wordpress or Squarespace designed


A Thoughtful Website Architect

Everything matters. Everything counts. Bringing my superpowers in Branding, Content, Digital, Marketing, Social Media and more to your boardroom table, building sexy AF sites for the ultimate integrated website experience


A Holistic Full Service Approach

Creating and curating great copy, messaging and call-to-actions alongside optimal graphics, performance speed, layout, navigation and information architecture and interactivity for a rich end user experience.


For A Holistic End User Experience

• an impactful message focusing on storytelling that connects - because people engage and buy from emotion
• high-end graphics with meaning that resonates for a highly visual narrative
• graceful motion, video and subtle engagement drawing your audience into your website to amplify your message while appealing to your end user’s immediate impulses
• strong layouts with dynamic information architecture that clearly promotes your unique selling point while strongly positioning your brand


Holistic Architecture Planning

• performance speed for search rankings to improve the experience and lower bounce rates
• integrations with the right systems and programs for efficient business use, applying CRMs, Analytics, customer data, user feedback, customer service, application processes, customer portals, employee portals and ticket management
• Back end CMS content management systems and administration for easy maintenance with a multi-dimensional value that is user friendly and customiseable


A Holistic Business Application

• technology to automate and streamline processes for efficient business operations
• workflow planning to boost sales, marketing, support and operational teams
• intelligent analytics set up for tracking and marketing with key metrics to evaluate success
• digital channel connections and strategy to tie in with marketing and advertising campaign for maximum efficiency


I Just Want To Make The Interwebs A Prettier Place To Be In


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