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Lady Lex Productions - Digital | Connecting you to a wider audience and accelerate your online presence.


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Overwhelmed By The Internet, google, Social Media And All Things ‘puter?

Pick Me: I know how to make you stand out online and get you to full operational efficiency.

I connect you to a wider audience using the power of digital for a responsive website, efficient email hosting, social media and more. I accelerate your digital presence through digital marketing, SEO and online advertising.

I'm an internet nerd determined to make the web a pretty place to navigate and browse.


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Emails: setup, cleanup, support & handover
Social media: setup, cleanup, strategy, management & handover
Websites: setup, support, management & handover
eNewsletters, Digital Mailouts & Marketing
Digital Advertising & Promotional Campaigns
Using google for
   SEO Search Engine Optimisation
   SER Search Engine Ranking



Email Hosting
Social Media Design & Management
Sponsored Social Media Campaigns & Ads
Responsive Website Builds & Landing Pages
Digital Media & Marketing Campaigns:
   Flyers, Artwork, Posters
e-Newsletter & Email Marketing
Online Marketing & google SEO


I’m A Specialist (My Mum Says So Too)

Websites, Indexing, Technical, Management,
Keyword Monitoring, Reputation Monitoring
Search Marketing, Web Analytics, Links, Keyword Research
eNewsletter Marketing
Database Capture, eNewsletter Strategy,
Email Copy & Creative, Email Delivery,
Email Targeting, Email List Management & eCRM,
Email Marketing Analytics, Email Service Providers,
Mobile Email Marketing
Marketing Automation
Social Media Scheduling, eMarketing sequences
Campaign Tracking & Reporting
PPC Paid Per Click
Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, google Ads, Twitter


Get Connected. Stay Connected.


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