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Lady Lex Productions - Social Media | Building social media for growth. Because social media means basic business.


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Social media: basic business


Do You Know How To Leverage The Power Of The Media & Social Media?

I turn your Social Media into a sales investment.
I harness the power of The Media for your business.
Through The Media and Social Media, I represent your brand, target your customers, expand your audience and build an engaged following. I use The Media and Social Media to tell your story and create an engaging conversation.

I’ve been in the Media since the turn of the century.
That doesn’t make me old (though it does). It makes me Media connected and Media savvy.

I’ve been creating content for Social Media for the last decade.
That doesn’t make me old (though it does). It makes me Social Media connected and Social Media savvy.


Social Media Talk

Social Media Strategy & Analytics
Content Creation
   Words, Photography, Design
Sponsored Ads
Pay Per Click
Social Media Competitions
Increasing Digital Traffic
Increasing your SEO Search Engine Optimisation
Increasing your Search Engine Ranking
Collecting Customer Information
Social Media Management



Media Talk

Media Distribution & Press Releases
Media Relationship Building
Social, Business & Community Networking
Scripts, Speeches & Presentation Creation
Award entries & Sponsorship Nomination Outlines
Feedback & Crisis Communication Management
Print & Digital Media Curation
Media & Influencer famils
Event Launches


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Use Social Media To Instantly Connect To A Wider Audience.
Use The Media To Make An Impact.


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