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Wireframe Approval

Lady Lex Productions - Wireframe Approval | Congratulations: You Clicked To Becoming More Awesome


You Just Clicked To Becoming More Awesome



You’re here to sign off for Wireframe Approval. Clearly, you are thrilled with your wireframes. I thought they were awesome too, so I'm really happy you love your wireframes as much as I do.

Now you've clicked through, let's start getting serious.

The wireframes demonstrate the functionality of and includes all the elements appearing in your website.

This includes
• Site structure and navigation
• Content areas
• Logos, buttons or widgets.

Once signed off, I will be able to go ahead with the design of the website. Changes beyond this stage are costly and time consuming so please check carefully. Any changes or additions to the functionality not included in these wireframes will be charged on an hourly basis. I will not accept any liability for errors overlooked at this stage.

Check the wireframes carefully for errors and omissions to content as I will create your website design based on the functionality and structure outlined therein. Any items not included in this wireframe will not be included in the design. If additions or changes to structure or functionality are required after sign-off, they will be scoped and charged separately.

It is understood that if, for this project, the visual design has been completed on only a limited number of pages of the website with the rest remaining in wireframes, only the items listed below on pages that have not yet appeared in visual design can be changed (through two rounds of revisions) if requested:
• Images (excluding navigation header and footer)
• Colours (backgrounds, text)

Please fill in and submit the Wireframe Approval Sign Off Form for Lady Lex Website Happiness.


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